Community Service

There are numerous benefits of participating in community service, both for yourself and others.

 Below are some of the most important benefits of volunteering:

• Gives you a way to help others

• Helps improve your community

• Can help strengthen your resume and college applications

• Can be a way to meet new friends

• Often results in personal growth

• Gives you a way to gain work experience and learn more about certain jobs

Let's Make A Change

Help register people to vote

 Gamma Xi requires every member to be a registered voter to be admitted membership. The brothers of GXi volunteer hours during election season to help bring effective change in our communities. During campaign season members encourage our peers, family members, and individuals in our community to get registered to vote and remind them of voting deadlines.

Stand up 2 HIV Atlanta

Most people don’t want to get tested or do get tested, but don’t want to admit they’re HIV positive and get on treatment, so that’s a big thing. "Stigma, homophobia and racism”– all of these things work together to keep people out of care and away from testing and preventative services. The members of Gamma Xi promotes hiv/aid education and safe sex education. Gamma Xi annually participate in Stand up 2 HIV Atlanta Testing drives and workshops.

Ronald McDonald Foundation

Ronald McDonald Family Room Staff and Volunteers provide support and hospitality for those ‘escaping’ the hospital setting for a few moments while steps away from their child’s hospital bed. Gamma Xi chapters locally volunteers at the Ronald McDonald Foundation.

The P.A.C. Foundation

The P.A.C. foundation was established in 2018 as the idea for Gamma Xi to make an impact on the community. This foundation annually gives out toiletries to homeless and unfortunate lgbtq community members, and awards book scholarships to a local lgbtq freshman in the Atlanta area. We believe that minor efforts gradually make big impacts. If we can provide one individual with hope, Gamma Xi’s mission is accomplished! For more information, please contact

our Director Public of Affairs.

Keeping our local parks in our community clean.

Parks are great for those who enjoy outdoors and wildlife, but often times are mistreated in trashed. It is important to keep parks in our community clean from liter, sex, alcohol, and drug debris at the same park our kids in the same community enjoy coming to.